an afternoon at the huntington library and gardens

April 11, 2010

i’ve had the pleasure of being off of work for three weeks. i really did nothing, except update this blog and busy myself with house projects. i did spend the day with my friend teri and my mom at the huntington gardens and library. i took some pictures with my iphone and i think they have some very inspirational qualities for art projects. i’m a sucker for color and texture!

the picture above was from the windows looking out onto parts of the chinese gardens. i really love this picture. viewing nature through the symmetry of the window provides a nice contrast between the controlled and the wild. i would love to have garden windows that mimic the idea of mandalas and symmetry. it creates a very meditative state of being.

i love this photo. pete and i both agree that we’re going to use this photo for wall art  inspiration for the bathroom we’re about to repaint. this photo was also taken in the chinese gardens.

the photo above is also very inspiring to us.  we’re going to redo our hallway in this style. we’ll never have a red wall again but the layout of the drawings is magnificent.  the content of the drawings appeals to the naturalist in both of us.  it is a very specific type of drawing that strips the pictures of interpretation and simply leaves the presence of science and nature to linger heavily. it also has an anal retentive quality that really appeals to me.

all in all it was a great afternoon. the museum store is fantastic. they have lots of great little stuff and great gardening books! my only suggestions to improve your trip are to bring water, snacks and wear a hat. it was really hot when we went and it is barely april! i highly recommend not going in the summer. the heat was almost unbearable in the stretches of the gardens that don’t have much cover!


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