california love

June 24, 2010

the crusty tight layer of the city that feels like paper mache around my heart begins to crack and shed layers  when i drive up  highway 1. i look forward to my annual pilgrimage to big sur.  you can imagine my heartbreak when i woke up the morning i was to leave for a family trip with terrible stomach pains and flu-like symptoms. the roads i look so forward to winding around began to take whatever wind i had in my sails out.  its hard to have a sunny disposition when you’re going camping with flu symptoms. while this trip was not one i’d put at the top of my favorites due to my nausea and tummy pains i still managed to see many beautiful vistas and spend time with peter and my family.  we’d never gone on a trip with my family so i was really looking forward to it.

we camped at plaskett creek which is close to the town of lucia. the campground wasn’t bad  minus the outhouse situation. it’s pretty far south of big sur and if you’re into camping with amenities this may not be your place. you can cross highway 1 and walk to sand dollar beach which is incredible! i heard jade cove is nearby but we couldn’t fit it in.the next campground up highway one is kirk creek and it looks awesome. it’s right on the ocean cliffs. it could be a wind nightmare or the most beautiful camp spot in california.

camping south of big sur was beautiful. it was a different experience than camping in the canopy of trees in the north. it has more sun and beaches.  i think i prefer the camping in big sur only because i love the culture of the hippies and artists that make their living in the redwoods. big sur is just such a magical and inspiring getaway. nature just can’t help but climb up into your soul…even if you have the flu!