diy kayak!

April 11, 2010

i have always been one to tinker around with stuff. i enjoy learning how to make things myself, even when it would be cheaper to go out and buy the item i’m interested in making. i owe a great part of this need to tinker and create to my dad. we create things in very different ways. he is a former engineer and math is not my strong suit. immediately, it’s easy to see where our creative paths split. i’m the sociologist who is very into the process of art. he is the engineer who likes to create large scale math based wood working projects.

so he is making this wooden kayak in his garage. i wish i had been smart enough to take photos from the earlier stages of construction. i wasn’t, so what i do have photos of are closer to the end stages. he got some instructions off the internet and tweaked them a bit and this is where we are at. it is beautiful. the differing woods and the designs are really coming out as he begins to add coats of shiny liquids. i don’t know what they are to be honest. next i think he has to fiberglass it or something close to that to make it water ready.

we don’t know if it will float. that is part of the great experiment too. as my mom says…if anything it will be a very unique planter in the garden. it’s exciting to watch. the amount of patience it has taken him to plan out, problem solve and create is so far beyond anything i have patience for! pictures of the water launch to follow once it’s water ready!