we made a delicious pizza for our fancy friday meal in our new kitchen. we started fancy fridays in our last apartment to have a nice sit down meal with a friend or two. sometimes it’s just us. it’s a great way to decompress and catch up with friends or each other. we had a long hiatus from fancy fridays because we didn’t have a dinner table at our old apartment.  we’re bringing it back since we have the perfect space for it now! i think everyone should have fancy friday at home. reconnect with your friends, your partner or family over a nice fun meal!

this weeks meal was the mini-zucchini pizza with a lemon basil pesto.

the flavors are amazing! i made this up on the fly while i was at trader joe’s picking up some wine. i was craving summer flavors and pizza. try this one at home! here’s the rough draft of my recipe!

baby zucchini –lemon basil pesto summer night pizza



garlic & herb pizza dough from trader joe’s, in the refrigerated section. i’m sure you could use any type of pizza dough. for the trader joe’s dough, take it out of the fridge and let it sit for  about 20 min. after letting dough rest, sprinkle area where you’re going to roll out dough with masa harina or flour.  roll into desired shape, i prefer rectangle.

lemon basil pesto:

fresh basil,  start with 1 cup to 1.5 cups of basil leaves

1/2  of a lemon

olive oil, i  start with about a ¼ cup.

a handful of marcona almonds ( the salted skin-on ones from trader joe’s work great!) you can use regular almonds too or walnuts or pine nuts…any nut you like.

1 large clove of garlic or 2-3 small ones, crushed

about a cup of “quattro  formaggio” cheese from trader joe’s.  you can sub parmesan or another cheese blend.  the quattro formaggio blend is asiago, parmesan, fontina, and mild provolone cheeses.

a little salt is optional. this is not a science. taste as you go…add more or less. this pesto would also be great tossed on a pasta!


i use a little kitchen aid chef’s chopper.

chop the basil in your mini processor.

add your olive oil (start slow…less is better than more and you can always add more). blend/chop again.

squeeze half a lemon into mixture. blend/chop again.

add almonds.blend/chop again.

add garlic.blend/chop again.

add cheese. blend/chop again.

taste and if it’s awesome, set aside. if not start adding more of the flavors you like.

i blend and chop often to make sure everything is the right consistency.

this way i know what ingredients to add more of.


a bag of baby zucchini from trader joe’s. (or any type of zucchini available to you) sliced into thins. i use the side of a cheese grater that lets you cut slices. you could use a mandolin or cut by hand.

goat cheese crumbles (for sprinkling)

pink himalayan salt (or sea salt) optional

quattro formaggio blend or your choice of cheese (you decide how cheesy you want it. keep in mind there is also cheese in the pesto!)

olive oil with red pepper flakes soaking in it. (enough for drizzling or brushing pizza)


spread the pesto on the pizza dough.

top with desired amount of cheese.

layout zucchini  in desired formation.

sprinkle with goat cheese crumbles.

bake according to directions on pizza dough.  it said 8-10 min.  i did about 15-18 min at 450 deg until goat cheese crumbles browned.

sprinkle with pink himalayan salt and drizzle or brush with  red pepper flake infused olive oil.

crack open some wine with friends and eat!