June 23, 2011

the breezy corner of our new kitchen gets a tremendous amount of light.  i love a bright kitchen with windows, so we’re pretty lucky. the tricky part is that it’s a corner window. i’ve never really hung curtains in this type of situation.  it’s tricky.

for the time being, i’ve hung one rod on the main window that has a gorgeous view of the parking lot. everyone stares into our unit after parking their cars.  i wanted to have fun sheers that put a bit of a buffer between us and the public.  i was able to reuse one curtain i made from our old apartment. this set off the design for the second curtain. the second curtain was maddening to put together. all my fabric and sewing  supplies are still scattered around the apartment in boxes.

i’ve managed to make two curtains, but my question is about the third. what do i do? will three of this patchwork sheers be too much? they let in wonderful light and really change their look throughout the day. the curtains are really the only color in the kitchen. everything is white on white on more white. should i break it up with one simpler  grayish sheer curtain with a strip of patchwork at the bottom? or should i just go for it and make it fun?

i think i will take a little space from this project. i always have to remind the kids i teach that it’s okay to step away from your painting for a while and take a break. it’s okay to stop and come back to it with more energy. i think i will follow my advice today!


filtered light

June 17, 2011

i was gifted a ton of fabric from a good friend of mine sometime last year.  it was a bit overwhelming at first because it was about twenty or so boxes of samples from a clothing manufacturer that had gone out of business. i lived in 500 sq ft at the time and could not take it all. i donated some to the art school where i work and the rest came with me. let me just say that my husband, peter, has been very patient with these boxes of fabric.  they all sat in our living room for a long time. it was hard to start a project with them because it was very hard to navigate through so many boxes of tiny samples. it all had to be sorted, washed and pressed.  i managed to make a couple of little things with it in the old space. i’m very excited of what’s to come in the new apartment because i actually have space to work with it.

i made these great sheer curtains that let in colorful and bright filtered light into the kitchen.  the curtains don’t fit the dimensions of any windows in the new apartment, so they will have to be repurposed into something else fun.  i love natural light washing over a room. i just don’t love people looking into our windows like we live inside a tv. i think sheers do a great service in allowing beautiful filtered  light in but also creating a nice buffer between you and the public.

i made these by arranging various samples on the floor. it was very much a stream of consciousness sewing project. i really didn’t have a sewing plan. i would just stitch seams and hope for the best. i used some cute little ribbons, different twill tapes and even an old drawstring or two to make the hanging loops. it was very organic and i will miss them dearly! try it with old sheer scraps and lightweight cottons!