in love: with a city

September 12, 2009

#2  of in love series

acrylic and  house paint on canvas

12” X 36”

our hearts  crumble and grow

like an urban dream

degrading and renewing

in tandem

we nestle into her nooks

seeking  love

finding it

in gritty corner coffee shops

the downtown skyline

and the hills of a city

half rich, half poor

the firecrackers set off

by neighborhood kids

mix with the swagger

of  bearded folk

gently presenting us with irony

wide city streets that stretch to the sea

dusk brings mountain peaks

and blood orange skies

the sharpness of the push

becomes liquid

in that moment

the city remembers us

this is a picture of a portion of a painting i made for my friend amie.  it’s a continuation of the  “in love” series. however, this one is specific to her.  it’s titled “in love: with a city”.  this painting carries the same themes of chaos, balance, vibrancy, the mundane and protection.  it reminds us  to view life as a meditation whether  you’re on top of a hill, in a forest or in traffic. it’s about allowing ourselves to see the beauty in dissolving into something so loud but still being able to stay light and free.

i love my friends so much.  i was inspired by amie’s raw energy and her ability to adapt and love in any situation she is presented with.  in a way, these are the colors i see radiating out of her.  it is one of my favorite paintings of the series, so far. i credit the warmth and inspiration of this piece to my friend.


california woodcut prints

September 5, 2009


lately, I’ve been researching california artists. one of my favorite california artists is frances gearhart (1869-1958). her woodcuts are bold in color which veered away from the subtle color tints of japanese woodcuts. her woodcuts are  from  all over california. i’m drawn to the warm colors of her woodcut prints. you can view a collection of her works here.

in love: on a pier

September 2, 2009

in love: on a pier     acrylic, housepaint on canvas

in love: on a pier acrylic, housepaint on canvas

colorful umbrellas. towels scattered. sandcastles growing. piers and ports. markets. friends gathering. families reconnecting. individuals escaping urban pressures.  children screaming.  ice cold lemonades and a cheese on a stick from hot dog on a stick. cold beer. deep belly laughs. teenagers pretending to know more then they do. surfers. bikers. swimmers. runners.

all the energy can be overwhelming when you are seeking breath and space at a beach heavily visited by the masses. sitting above it on a pier with a partner allows meditation to surface and connectivity to settle in. this painting is my homage to letting the chaos become fluid.  the positive elements of the moment quietly  balance out all the conflicting energies.  one can feel in love and free in the same moment.